Anna Gregoline | October 26, 2004
What was the most important event of your life? Why was this event was so important?

Which do you believe has been most influential in your life -- good luck (chance) or good decisions?

Kris Weberg | October 26, 2004
The day I decided, at age 15, that I needed to read Ulysses. Started me down the deep, dark, unrenumerative path towards the professoriate, a path I am still on 10 years later as of today.

And believe me, it hasn't been good decisions that got me where I am today. I'm also not sure it's been good luck.

Anna Gregoline | October 26, 2004
I hear that, Kris.

Todd Brotsch | October 26, 2004
Becoming an Eagle Scout.

Anna Gregoline | October 26, 2004
Ok, but why was that important to you/your life?

Mike Eberhart | November 1, 2004
The birth of my two kids. Tessa (5) & Colton (1).

Scott Hardie | November 2, 2004
Good luck has shaped my life all the way. I'm Kramer, I keep doing nothing and falling ass-backwards into good fortune. I mean, I skipped five years of my English classes in college to work on my web page, and now I'm making more as a web developer than most of my classmates who went on to teaching jobs. So I try to be grateful and to keep my fingers crossed that it will keep up.

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