Scott Hardie | December 4, 2017
What are your most effective acts of self-care?

Samir Mehta | December 4, 2017
[hidden by author request]

Erik Bates | December 6, 2017
I want to get into running. I've tried. Granted, my weight makes it difficult to do great distances. People talk so much about how they can zone out and go on a 5 mile run.

This article, however, makes me think I should be doing more.

Scott Hardie | December 8, 2017
I'm in no shape to run -- even if I lost all of my excess weight, my knees are pretty much ruined from years of being so heavy -- but I have been swimming recently at the urging of my doctor, and I'm surprised at how much I enjoy it. Devoting an hour a night to it (with of the changing and drying and showering required) is a bit annoying, but the act itself is a pleasure. So in a small way, I am beginning to understand the joy of exercise. I have always lived a sedentary life, so this is new to me.

But I still don't think of it as self-care, and that's where my bad habits reveal themselves. I still think of food as one primary form of self-care; a big bowl of comfort food like macaroni and cheese is where I turn to make a bad day better. I need to train myself to think of comforting acts that are actually good for me as being "self-care."

Erik Bates | December 8, 2017
I definitely fall to food, as well, but I've been working hard lately to change that and to find other self-care outlets. Aside from TV and calories, though, I haven't found anything that really sticks.

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