Scott Hardie | October 28, 2002
According to a recent poll, 72% of Americans believe that the government isn't telling everything it knows about UFO activity. (The news story's here.)

If you know me, you know that I tend towards the skeptical on subjects such as this. While I don't believe the government has made contact with aliens or is hiding any living or dead aliens, I do actually agree with the 72% majority. Why? Because not all UFOs are alien visitors, and the government's knowledge on the subject doesn't necessarily include knowledge that any UFOs are alien visitors. Of all the reports of lights in the sky over the past decades, if the government has researched even one of them and filed away the report somewhere, then it knows more on the subject than the general public does, thus qualifying a yes answer. That's the problem with the survey. That, and the fact that it was sponsored by the Sci-Fi Channel, which is using the results to promote a new series, which just guarantees fair questions, right?

Anyway, what do you think about all this? Take a look at the article if you can; it contains some other interesting numbers. The government flak at the end of the article makes an almost laughably weak argument in favor of government secrecy.

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