Jackie Mason | December 19, 2003
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Scott Hardie | December 19, 2003
Good question. I grew up in a staunchly conservative household. My dad once told me "you better never vote for a Democrat" in the same rigid tone he used for the "you better not turn out to be gay" speech. Other issues mattered to him, but Taxes (capital t) was the ultimate issue. I do tend to be a fiscal conservative, but I feel much more passionately about the social issues, so progressive Democrats tend to get my votes. These days, my dad is deceased, my mom is a moderate Republican who doesn't like to discuss the subject, and my friends are all over the political map, so I just hold my own.

Denise Sawicki | December 19, 2003
Well, I'm liberal like my parents. At some point in my adolescence or childhood before I found out that my mom works at an abortion clinic I do recall I didn't feel much support for abortion. Now I'm pro-choice though I kind of doubt that I'd feel abortion to be the right choice for me personally should the situation arise - an opinion I suspect my mom would disagree with...

Anna Gregoline | December 20, 2003
Hmm, interesting. My family is relatively liberal, and obviously I am too. I probably got most of that from my sister though, as she is relatively feminist. I think I would have come to the same conclusions though, being the kind of person I am. I just feel that Democrats offer more citizens more righs, plain and simple.

Mike Eberhart | December 23, 2003
Well, my whole family is conservative republican. I didn't have any opinion on the matter while I lived with them. I didn't start developing my thoughts on it until I was in the Air Force. Then I started really taking interest in it. Of course, because of that, I went back to the Republican side of things, and have been there ever since.

Jackie Mason | December 23, 2003
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Erik Bates | December 23, 2003
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