Jackie Mason | March 31, 2002
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Kelly Lee | April 1, 2002
Though I can't say I have seen ethier of the two, i do have to say, (just cause I have to make a comment every time it is brought up) that my father's uncle did the cinematography for half of GWTW. Another lame fact is that this uncle's name was Lee Garmes, which is funny because my father's name is Russell Lee. Im glad Lee Garmes was not on my father's father's side. He woulda been Lee Lee. btw, I hate my last name.

Matthew Preston | April 1, 2002
This is a good question, one that could start a fun debate in the right company. I spent most of my life having only seen "The Ten Commandments." Being raised by devout catholics, it was great to finally see a hollywood spectacle of the boring monotone-read stories that I heard for years. I really enjoyed all of the performances and I can't get enough of Yule Brenner's voice. (Billy Crystal does a good impression of him).

It was only recently (2 holiday seasons ago) that I saw "Gone With The Wind." I can see why so many like it, it really is a well done film. The only thing that irked me about it was that no one could really see that Scarlett was a righteous, manipulative, biyatch! Well, okay, some people could tell, but everyone played along with it. I wanted to yell at the screen "Who do you think you are?!" But it was Rhett who clearly saw what she was and played off it in a way that made me feel a little better at times. It was also fun to watch with my grandma, who reminisced about seeing this movie the first time and sneaked in to see a second time right away.

I would have to go with "The Ten Commandments" as my favorite of the two flicks. It is part of my childhood and brings back only happy memories of time spent with family, some of which that aren't with us anymore. Also it is a great film with wonderful acting and makes my religion that much more tolerable.

On a side note, I wonder how many times Nefrititi sighs out the name "Moses..." compared to how many times Scarlett and Melanie say "Ohh Ahhh-shlay!"

Matthew Preston | April 1, 2002
I also really like the line by Hattie McDaniel in "Gone With The Wind" :

"I don't know nothin bout birthin no babies!"

She won the best supporting actress Oscar for her performance and with right cause!

Jackie Mason | April 2, 2002
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