Scott Hardie | October 18, 2002
Are you fat (or fatter anyway) from years of sitting in front of a desk? I know I am. Would you like to be able to exercise without giving up valuable working time? Or would you be unable to focus on the work itself?

Danish design firm SIS International has created a bike-desk. It is like a normal desk, but the seat is a bicycle seat, and there are pedals beneath the seat, so it's like a stationary unicycle. You pedal while you work. (Their web site is" TARGET="_blank"> but I couldn't find any photos.)Is this a good idea or a stupid one? Would you use this desk?

Anna Gregoline | October 19, 2002
I think this is sick. It's a good idea on one hand, but on the other, it encourages us to never leave our desks, which I already barely do. =)

Kevin Fiore | October 24, 2002
I know plenty of people that sit behind a desk and still find time to go and work out. I think it is a dumb idea, you would have a desk you wouldn't want to sit at, think about it, do you want to have a bicycle seat for your computer chair?

Matthew Preston | October 24, 2002
Kevin, I agree with your statement of a bicycle seat for a computer chair.... you know how I loved my old computer chair (sniff, sniff) my he rest in peace (or pieces).

Erik Nelson | October 31, 2002
I was recently in Denmark and I did not see any of these so-called items.

Scott Hardie | October 31, 2002
Well, it's just a prototype. It was being shown at a design expo last month, to be introduced to the market next year.

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