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Four Replies to Damned Scammers

Aaron Shurtleff | November 29, 2007
Hey, those addresses are down my neck of the woods! You want I should track the girl down, maybe "convince" her to do the right thing? I can bring Scott with me, if he's willing! Scott can look intimidating, and I can do all the "convincing"!! :)

But seriously (not that I'm not serious about the "convincing"...you let me know), that really sucks. I've gotten lucky on that kind of thing so far (plus I mostly have bought scientific textbooks, and people in the science community don't mess with each other...and non-community members normally don't try to scam people with science texts), but it's always an unfortunate chance to have happen. From the responses you linked, you're lucky it's only $16 (not that $16 is OK to be out, but it could be worse. Think positive![Every time I hear that, I see Chiyo-chan in my head!]).

Good luck, and I hope you get a favorable outcome.

Amy Austin | November 30, 2007
Damn, Lori...

And she deleted her journal, too... so I can't compare the photos. >;-{] I'm sorry. >;-(

And yeah, $16 still sucks but is a relatively cheap lesson. I got scammed for $100 by someone in Kazakhstan selling some cool Russian cameras on ebay. Jerk. I even spent some time chatting with him by e-mail -- was more hurt than pissed (though that did come eventually, too!) when he burnt me.

Scott Hardie | November 30, 2007
I feel your pain, Lori. I gave up on eBay because the anxiety level of worrying whether every transaction was going to turn out all right just wasn't worth the money I was saving. They're still good for the occasional specialty item that can't be purchased anywhere else, but I still worry that I'm not going to get my stuff.

Lori Lancaster | November 30, 2007
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