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Two Replies to Deja vu: Anime Theme Song with a Bowie and Blues Brothers twist? + Question

Aaron Shurtleff | June 5, 2008
Well, being lucky enough to have seen NDB, I can recommend it! It is a lot of singing and music, but it actually works, in my opinion.

Ichiro is totally my favorite character! ;)

ANYHOW, there are similarities, now that you mention it. But I doubt I'd have picked up on it if you hadn't said something. Very interesting!

And the translation of the opening song is a bit different than the one given in your link. But that's the way it goes, eh?

Amy Austin | June 5, 2008
Hell of an ear you've got there, Lori...

Ditto on what Aaron said -- similarities that I probably wouldn't have noticed without being pointed out. ;-)