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Three Replies to End of Day Unloaded

Kris Weberg | September 17, 2006
I totally agree on your evaluation of the Wonka movies in relation to one another. The mistake both Burton and Depp made -- and I usually trust Depp's acting choices, BTW -- was to try and make WIlly Wonka's absurd behavior somehow vaguely motivated or psychologically credible.

Willy Wonka can't be played like an actual character. He must, as Wilder apparently knew, be played onscreen as the function of Charlie's dreams and a good child's innate sense of decency and justice. Dahl's story is about that, not about Wonka. That decency and justice happen to provide loads of free candy just, er, sweetens the deal.

Scott Hardie | September 17, 2006
Do they look like these Metallica and AC/DC t-shirts?

Jackie Mason | September 18, 2006
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