[Spoilers for Casino Royale.] One of my favorite bits of any fan-invented mythology is the identity of 007: It is held by some series fans (and me) that "James Bond" is merely a codename. When one Bond is killed or retires, another one takes his place and assumes the same name, which is why you see a different actor every decade and the man doesn't age despite having been around since the Kennedy administration. Despite the odds that this fanwank would become canon, I had my hopes up that the new Bond film would include it, since its Bond's-first-mission storyline is the perfect opportunity. Alas, there are references to 007s before this one, but this man is called James Bond well before he works for MI6. Here's to continuing to believe the fan storyline in my heart anyway.

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Jackie Mason | November 22, 2006
[hidden by author request]

Kris Weberg | November 24, 2006
Vesper Lynde, apparently named for...uhm...evening church bells; and Solange, who takes her name from a 9th century shepherdess and Catholic saint canonized for saying the name of Jeses three times after being beheaded.

Oooh, sexxxxy.

Scott Horowitz | November 25, 2006
Scott I think you saw the wrong Casino Royale movie for this.


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