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Two Replies to I hate Snakes: Epic Movie Scores, Halloween Plans and Costumes

Aaron Shurtleff | October 15, 2008
I don't know. It seems to me that mass-produced costumes have always been really cheap and flimsy from since I was a young-un (long long long ago). If you have the ability (and it's pretty obvious ya do!), making the costume is just a whole lot better. Now time-wise, that would probably be the tricky part (I would imagine).

Target's costumes, from what I have seen, and not much better, but you can go and give them your own evaluation.

Yay! Glad I read all the way through! I love to add on to my mental list famous people who share my birthday, and now, thanks to poking around your Cel gallery page, and doing a little research, I can add Nabeshin to that esteemed list!

Yeah, easily amused and excited, but that's just me! :P

Amy Austin | October 15, 2008
I was going to say the same thing as Aaron did about store-bought costumes... and I'm proud to say that my mother *never* (that I can recall) went that route for us! (I learned my aesthetic preference for handmade/creativity from her.) What a complete waste of $20 that would be... even a fair to middling attempt at a homemade job can be made at that price and still beat what you get from *ahem* that store.

I don't know why you'd be at all surprised... since when have they ever been about anything but having things made as cheaply as possible and marking it up to a price that people will deem "worth it" not to have to spend a little extra time and creativity to make their own.

Yes, I think time is probably the biggest investment in a good Halloween costume -- which is why it's best to start planning/looking for it early! If you're astute enough and hang around the right (thrift) shops, you can piece together a worthy ensemble that beats the plastic pants off a "deluxe Indiana" costume any day! And if you're Lori... well, you can do it in homemade style... ;-) Good luck "whipping" together that outfit, Lori... I know you'll make Harrison Ford proud. ;-D