Russ Wilhelm won this round on July 31, 2023. There were 31 goos.

Players this round: Russ Wilhelm (30 goos solved), LaVonne Lemler (23 goos solved), Richard Slominsky (23 goos solved), Steve West (21 goos solved), Erik Bates (8 goos solved), Scott Hardie (8 goos solved), Chris Lemler (3 goos solved), and Stan Iwanchuk (2 goos solved).

Michael Connelly

It's no mystery why this writer's most popular characters, one brother named for a Dutch artist and the other for a luxury auto brand, have been successfully adapted to television and film. Go »

Bree Sharp

The homonymic note B♯ does not appear in her cult hit song from the late 1990s about her TV actor crush. Go »

Ali Wong

This San Franciscan actor and comedian knows that cobra meat doesn't taste like beef. Go »

Frank Wills

This night watchman didn't continue in his job for long after the shift that changed everything in 1972. Go »

Jason Segel

This former freak/geek made his career with an unmet mother and movies about Benjamin, Sarah Marshall, and Jeff. Go »

Barry Horne

He was a vegetarian, in alignment with his personal cause, but he didn't do much eating anyway prior to his 2001 death. Go »

Jeremiah Denton

This Vietnam War officer and later U.S. Senator would have written a negative review of his Hilton stay faster than you can blink. Go »

Edgar Aabye

This journalist was asked to step in for an injured athlete and went on to help his team win the first Olympic gold medal in their sport. Go »

Tim Ballard

This train enthusiast lets freedom ring. Go »

Ana Kasparian

This journalist has what it takes to host her particular show. Age? Mid-thirties. Turkish? Oh, so close! Go »

Braxton Bragg

Why one of the largest military bases in the world was named for him is a little befuddling. Widely considered by historians as one of the worst generals, his career was nothing to brag about. Go »

Muriel Bowser

She sent a message to the President in letters wide as a city street and two blocks long. Go »

Giancarlo Esposito

This African-American actor with an Italian name is originally from Denmark. Go »

Marcus King

It's good to get some young blood into old genres like the blues. Who's the king? Go »

Janet Leigh

After co-starring in a classic horror film, this actress tried hard to never shower again. Go »

Jolien Boumkwo

Normally she throws things. Recently she jumped over things. This gave the press new things to report. Go »

Paul Dooley

Between wonderful performances in Breaking Away and Sixteen Candles, this character actor was horribly miscast as a hamburger mooch. Go »

J.B. Pritzker

So many leaders of a particular state have been convicted on corruption charges that a running joke refers to the state prison having a "Governor's Suite." A few years ago, residents of that state elected a global hotel chain magnate to be their new leader, perhaps hoping that he'll avoid staying in such shabby conditions. Go »

Larry Storch

This comedic actor was best known for hitting his co-stars with his cavalry slouch hat. Go »

Luke Combs

After surviving a hurricane, this Tarheel wrote a hit song about pouring rain. Go »

George Peppard

Yet another example of the rise and fall of an actor's career is this guy starring in Breakfast at Tiffany's and The Carpetbaggers only to be essentially second fiddle to Bosco a few decades later on television. Go »

Norm Macdonald

Working dirty got this Canadian comedian fired from a weekend news gig. Go »

James MacArthur

The Hawaii Five-O reboot, although good, just isn't the same without this actor being told to, "Book 'em." Go »

Johann Sebastian Bach

In his own lifetime, he was mostly known for playing with his organ in such works as "Toccata and Fugue." But today, music historians celebrate everything from his orchestral Brandenburg Concertos to the vocal St. Matthew Passion. Go »

Chickie Donohue

Sometimes guys just want to cheer up their buddies by bringing them beer, even if they're halfway around the world serving in a war zone in 1968. Go »

P.T. Barnum

This showman captured the public's imagination with so many manufactured untruths and poorly-sourced curiosities that the phrase "there's a sucker born every minute" became attributed to him... but that was false, too. Go »

Pierre de Fermat

This (fer)mathematician made significant contributions to calculus. Hopefully it will be easier to find proof of this goo's answer than it was to find proof of his last theorem. Go »

Rose Byrne

If nothing else, her film career has taught her to count, after her roles in Know1ng, Two Hands, 28 Weeks Later, X-Men: First Class, Star Wars: Episode II, The Goddess of 1967, and the parts 2 of Insidious, Neighbors, and Peter Rabbit. Go »

Stephen A. Smith

ESPN's basketball expert considers it blasphemous that any player refuses to stay off the weed. Go »

Anthony Fantano

This self-described nerd with a fruity nickname won't stop expressing himself about his taste in music, no matter how many stars make fun of his shirts. Go »

Darius Rucker

You can call him Hootie or Mongo Slade: This singer and guitarist has had a lot of nicknames in his long career in alternative rock, then R&B, then country. Go »