Steve West won this round on April 30, 2023. There were 30 goos.

Players this round: Russ Wilhelm (30 goos solved, a perfect score), Steve West (28 goos solved, a perfect score), LaVonne Lemler (24 goos solved), Richard Slominsky (19 goos solved), and Scott Hardie (5 goos solved).

Hilary Swank

Her early career took place in swanky zip codes like 90210, but she didn't start winning Oscars until she relocated to middle American zip codes like 68355. Go »

Thomas Wedders

You say something smells fishy about this? I'll be the judge of that! Go »

Elin Hilderbrand

There once was a best-selling romance novelist who wrote from Nantucket. Go »

Aliyah Boston

This power forward is technically a gamecock, but her wicked colorful hair makes her more of a peacock. Go »

Jay Blades

If you live in Britain and you need some furniture or other beloved objects restored, perhaps even a pair of swords or knives, then this shopkeeper is the man to see. Go »

Brandon Lee

Like his corvine final role three decades ago, this actor and prodigal son has become a greater legend in death than he was in life. Go »

Margo Price

A rumor got started that her country music wasn't entirely American-made despite her being a daughter of the Midwest. Go »

Don Lemon

CNN viewers have yet to sour on this longtime anchor and host. Go »

René Redzepi

This alliterative chef is so closely associated with Nordic food that it's literally the name of his restaurant. Go »

Jimmy Hoffa

Under his leadership, the Teamsters Union had connections to organized crime. But how "organized" could they be if nobody could remember what happened to his body? Go »

Andrew Tate

These days, this ultra-masculine misogynist is better known for settling fights with his Internet connection than with his feet. Go »

Don Shinn

This person may not be the best at throwing saucers almost 200 times but can break records throwing Frisbees. Go »

Malea Emma

This singing sensation had already performed at Carnegie Hall and won competitions since starting to sing at the age of one. But singing the national anthem went viral through the whole Galaxy. Go »

Hody Childress

With a heart as big as Alabama, this farmer secretly helped neighbors pay for prescription drugs. Go »

Jeremy King

This London restaurateur served the likes of Princess Diana, Mick Jagger, and Elizabeth Taylor before losing everything to foreign investors in 2022. Who's the king? Go »

Brandon Saad

Don't be sad if you can't figure out this left winger's name. Here is a hint for this former Avs player: He might be the 20th player to have relatives caught in a distant civil war. Go »

Machine Gun Kelly

This wild boy has done bad things, but he has never used a Tommy gun to commit armed robbery or bootlegging. Go »

Taylor Hall

This Calgarian left-winger is frequently confused with the oldest building in Hawkinsville, Georgia. Go »

Brooke Shields

Hollywood's pretty one-time baby thought that studios' love for her might be endless, until she suddenly found herself playing a sitcom character named Susan. Go »

Taylor Jenkins Reid

Her numerical books about one lover, six rock stars, and seven husbands have become best-sellers and recent Hollywood adaptations. Go »

Pol Pot

The surviving three out of four Cambodians agreed: Forcing everyone to wear black with a Rouge scarf was merely a crime against fashion and far from the worst misdeed by this communist dictator. Go »

Steve Dahl

This California-born, Chicago-based shock jock gained national attention on the night when he ended disco once and for all. Go »

Alvin Bragg

Regardless of the case's outcome, the first prosecutor ever to indict a U.S. president has professional bragging rights for the rest of his career. Go »

Petula Clark

After a hard day at work, this singer told a close friend, "Let's take the downtown subway to a place that rocks with lots of noise, music and atmosphere!" Go »

Carroll O'Connor

Playing a bigoted Queens patriarch and an honorable Mississippi cop made him so popular that he had to build a bunker just to store all of his Emmys. Go »

Sonny Vaccaro

His sunny optimism helped Nike take its sales into the stratosphere by signing a future megastar. Go »

Ralph Fiennes

He's given many fine performances, including a sadistic Nazi officer, a bureaucratic British spymaster, and a dark sorcerer missing part of his face. Go »

Ava Raine

This Floridian's reign in wrestling might turn out to be a long one, given her famous family's long but sometimes rocky relationship with the ring. Go »

Bob Knight

He drove his players on a thirty-year crusade to the championships, only for his anger to drive him out of Indiana. Go »

Jon Rahm

¡Guau! Este maestro golfista es el primer español en ganar el US Open. Go »