Pronouns: he/him/his
Nicknames: Vi, Lee, 501, Jeans, Button Fly, (anything related to blue jeans... you get the idea) Leviathan, Leviticus, Levy, Garatte, Strauss, and the list goes on...
Birthdate: 1972-02-18

Current Home: Antigua, Guatemala
Schools: The Citadel
Job: Missionary

Interests: Bass Guitar, Freediving, Weightlifting, and Classic Muscle Cars
Favorite Books: A Purpose Driven Life, The Bible
Favorite Movies: Jacobs Ladder, Riddick, Akira, and any horrer movie
Favorite Music: Demon Hunter, Becoming the Architype, Disciple, Death, Seal, The Cranberries, Pantera, Black Sabboth,
Favorite Places: Anywhere with water and/or snow

Family: Wife, daughter, and son
Pets: None left

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