Steve West
Dividing By Zero Records


Rafik Moyo
Craig of the Creek


99 Luftballons: Inspired by Nena's anti-war 1983 hit, Rock Block's summer 2022 tournament offers players the same choice faced by the characters in the lyrics: Hoard power for themselves, or share it to improve everyone's chances. With each victory, they can pop one of their own balloons, or pop someone else's to get more simultaneous concerts. The first player to have all 99 of their balloons popped will become the winner. (more info)

Trade Rule

Unknown: You have not unlocked this rule yet.

Play Rules

Unknown: You have not unlocked this rule yet.


This concert timed out on Rafik's turn, making Steve the winner.

Turn Log

Start: This concert began automatically on June 23, 2022.


Upstage LeftUpstageUpstage Right
Stage LeftCenter StageStage Right
Downstage LeftDownstageDownstage Right

Steve's Unplayed Artists

Unknown Artist (R3, 0 3 7 3)Unknown Artist (R1, 0 2 1 4)Unknown Artist (R1, 2 1 0 4)Unknown Artist (R1, 1 1 3 2)Unknown Artist (R1, 1 5 0 1)

Rafik's Unplayed Artists

Unknown Artist (R2, 3 1 0 6)Unknown Artist (R2, 3 2 3 2)Unknown Artist (R1, 0 2 2 3)Unknown Artist (R1, 2 0 4 1)Unknown Artist (R1, 2 5 0 0)


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