Hast du etwas Zeit für mich?
Dann singe ich ein Lied für dich
Von neunundneunzig Luftballons
Auf ihrem Weg zum Horizont

Rock Block's summer 2022 tournament draws inspiration from the 1983 anti-war hit "99 Luftballons" by the German one-hit wonder Nena (re-recorded a year later for English-speaking audiences as "99 Red Balloons" with apolitical lyrics). Just as the army generals in the song lyrics thought they were staring down each other's forces and had to decide whether to attack or restrain themselves, so too do the players in this tournament have choices to make. With each victory, a player can either pop one of their own 99 balloons, or pop another player's balloon to trigger two additional concerts for double the chances to win. The first player to have no balloons remaining will win and receive a prize!

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To join the tournament, first join Rock Block. For more information about the game, see How to Play.


When a player wins a concert, they may pop one of their own balloons below, or pop another player's balloon to spawn two additional concerts.

Chris Lemler (97 Balloons)

Matthew Preston (97 Balloons)

Erik Bates (98 Balloons)

Steve West (98 Balloons)

Scott Hardie (99 Balloons)


Concerts: "99 Luftballons" tournament concerts will be started automatically. Every hour, a background process on the website will spawn a new concert between any two active players who are not already playing in any tournament concerts. If there are not two such players available, no concert will spawn. In these automatic concerts, the challenger and defender will be randomly assigned. The Overtime play rule will ensure that there are no draws, but the other play rules and the artists in each concert will be randomly selected based on what each pair of players has available to them. These concerts will use the None trade rule and expire after four days of inactivity. Winning or drawing in these concerts will not result in ranks of new artists in the Collection Guide, since participation in the tournament already does so (see Prizes below), but they will count towards achievements such as "win fifty concerts."

Balloons: Upon winning a tournament concert, you may come to this page to get your reward. Near the top of the page, you will be invited either to pop one of your own balloons, or to pop one belonging to another player. If you choose the latter, two concerts will be spawned instantly: One in which you are the challenger and that player is the defender, and another in which you are the challenger and a random other player is the defender. Like the automatic concerts, these will use the None and Overtime rules and will otherwise have their elements chosen randomly, and will conclude after four days of inactivity.

Victory: The first player who has all of their balloons popped will be declared the winner. As of that moment, whoever has the second-most popped will be declared the runner up, whoever had the third-most popped will be declared third place, and so on. Concerts that have already started can play out, but will no longer affect the scores. Popping balloons will not be possible after a winner is declared. If there is no winner by 8pm ET on August 31, 2022, the tournament will end with the player in the lead being declared the winner.


The champion will receive a $99 Amazon gift card by email and a small trophy.

The champion will also receive 99 ranks of new artists in the Collection Guide. The second-place player will receive 74 ranks of new artists, the third-place player will receive 49 ranks, and all other participating players will receive 24 ranks.

Every participating player will receive a copy of Nena in their label, and unlock the Overtime play rule if they don't have it already.

A "participating player" is defined as playing at least one turn in a "99 Luftballons" tournament concert.

Balloon Pops

These are all of the times that a player popped a balloon in chronological order.

Scott popped Erik's balloon, on May 10 at 10:42am

Matthew popped his own balloon, on May 13 at 8:22am

Scott popped Matthew's balloon, on May 15 at 6:29am

Steve popped Chris's balloon, on May 16 at 2:27pm

Steve popped Chris's balloon, on May 17 at 10:41am

Steve popped his own balloon, on May 17 at 11:17am


These are all "99 Luftballons" tournament concerts in chronological order. Bold titles are still being played.

Steve vs. Scott, won by Scott, on May 10 at 10:24am

Chris vs. Matthew, won by Matthew, on May 12 at 2:50pm

Scott vs. Erik, won by Scott, on May 14 at 10:00pm

Scott vs. Steve, won by Steve, on May 16 at 2:23pm

Steve vs. Chris

Scott vs. Erik

Steve vs. Chris, won by Steve, on May 17 at 10:00am

Steve vs. Erik

Steve vs. Scott, won by Steve, on May 17 at 11:16am

Steve vs. Chris, won by Steve, on May 18 at 10:52am

Scott vs. Matthew