Hit me with your best shot
Why don't you hit me with your best shot
Hit me with your best shot
Fire away

Inspired by Pat Benatar's 1980 hit, Rock Block's winter 2018 tournament gives players a chance to work out some grudges. Each player starts with ten targets. When you win a concert, you get to knock out one of the other players' targets. When a player loses all ten targets, that player is eliminated. The last player left will be declared the winner and receive a prize!

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To join the tournament, first join Rock Block. For more information about the game, see How to Play.


All times shown are in the Eastern time zone.

Chris Lemler

hit by Erik (Dec 5 9:28am)
hit by Scott (Dec 15 9:08am)

Erik Bates

hit by Chris (Dec 12 6:35pm)

Matthew Preston

hit by Scott (Dec 13 8:39am)

Scott Hardie

hit by Steve (Dec 2 8:48pm)

Steve West

hit by Erik (Dec 7 12:49pm)
hit by Scott (Dec 11 7:58pm)


Concerts: "Hit Me with Your Best Shot" concerts will be started by Scott Hardie using randomized terms. Each Saturday morning, a new round will begin, during which each player will be assigned to two concerts, one as the challenger and one as the defender, against randomly chosen opponents. (There is nothing to prevent the same players from facing off against each other twice in the same round or subsequent rounds; it's entirely random.) The Overtime play rule will ensure that there are no draws, but the other play rules and the artists in each concert will be randomly selected based on what each pair of players has available to them. These concerts will use the None trade rule and expire after seven days of inactivity. Winning or drawing in these concerts will not result in ranks of new artists in the Collection Guide, as participation in the tournament already does so (see Prizes below), but they will count towards achievements such as "win fifty concerts."

Targets: After each concert victory, the winner can visit this page to hit a target belonging to one of the other players, making it disappear. This action is not anonymous: The names of the people who eliminated targets will appear below each player's remaining targets. Once a player's tenth and final target has been hit, that player is eliminated from the competition and will no longer participate in subsequent rounds. However, the player can still finish any remaining concerts from the current round, and hit targets as a result.

Victory: The last player who has targets remaining will be declared the champion. All other players will be ranked in the order in which they were eliminated, with the last player eliminated being in second place, the previous eliminee being in third place, and so on.

Late Arrivals: Players who join the tournament late will not start with ten targets; rather, they will start with the average number of targets among all surviving players. Players who return to the tournament after leaving voluntarily (by opting out of RB tournaments) will start with either the average number of targets among surviving players, or the number of targets that they had when they left, whichever amount is lower. In both of these scenarios, Scott will adjust the data to produce the correct number of targets, so the number might briefly be inaccurate when a player first joins or rejoins.


The champion will receive a $50 Amazon gift card by email and a small trophy.

The champion will also receive 50 ranks of new artists in the Collection Guide. The second-place player will receive 40 ranks of new artists, the third-place player will receive 30 ranks, and all other participating players will receive 20 ranks.

Every participating player will also receive a free copy of Pat Benatar in their label, and unlock the Overtime play rule if they don't have it already.

A "participating player" is defined as playing at least one turn in a "Hit Me with Your Best Shot" concert.


These are all "Hit Me with Your Best Shot" concerts in chronological order. Bold titles are still being played.

Chris vs. Steve, won by Steve, December 2 8:46pm

Erik vs. Chris, won by Erik, December 4 10:57pm

Matthew vs. Erik, won by Erik, December 7 9:16am

Steve vs. Scott, won by Scott, December 11 7:55pm

Chris vs. Scott, won by Scott, December 12 1:32pm

Matthew vs. Chris, won by Chris, December 12 6:34pm

Scott vs. Erik, won by Scott, December 14 10:03am

Steve vs. Matthew

Scott vs. Matthew

Erik vs. Steve

Chris vs. Erik

Erik vs. Matthew

Steve vs. Scott

Matthew vs. Chris

Scott vs. Steve