Warning! This entire discussion contains spoilers for Muppets Most Wanted.

While on a grand world tour, The Muppets find themselves wrapped into an European jewel-heist caper headed by a Kermit the Frog look-alike and his dastardly sidekick.

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Family, Musical, Mystery

Director: James Bobin

Writer: James Bobin, Nicholas Stoller, Jim Henson (based on)

Actors: Ricky Gervais, Ty Burrell, Tina Fey, Steve Whitmire

Release Year: 2014

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Evie Totty | March 2, 2014
Not Veronica Mars? The movie that brought Kickstarter to everyone's lips? ;)

Scott Hardie | March 2, 2014
I thought about that, but I didn't know how many people had seen the television series. From what I've heard, you'll have to be pretty well versed in the show to make sense of the movie. I also considered Noah and The Grand Budapest Hotel as they would offer lots to discuss, but I figured fewer people would see those. The Muppets seemed like a decent compromise. I think a poll on the sidebar to choose future titles would go a long way.

Evie Totty | March 2, 2014
Grand Budapest is this month too??? Sweet!

Scott Hardie | March 30, 2014
I thought this was pretty funny for a kids movie, but I guess I grant the Muppets a certain leeway. Most kids movies tend to have little appeal to grown-ups, but the Muppets usually aim higher - as high as you can get with constant pratfalls and general wackiness, anyway. My favorite line in the movie is a throwaway gag, said softly in the background as Kermit is falling asleep in the gulag and Tina Fey is wishing the other inmates (played by heavies like Ray Liotta and Jemaine Clement and Danny Trejo) goodnight in their cells: "Goodnight, Bonesaw... Goodnight, Skullcrusher... Goodnight, Danny Trejo." That's a great joke, and I don't know any kid who would get it.

If you've seen the movie, what's your favorite joke?

I wonder, if Disney had a crystal ball that could have predicted the very unfunny Russian international crisis of March 2014, whether they would have made a comedy with so many jokes about Russia and released it during that month.

Scott Hardie | March 30, 2014
Because I didn't see the last movie, I didn't know that Hobo Joe was a character. I thought it was just Zack Galifianakis making a cameo as himself, and he was dressed like a bum because, well, he was playing Zack Galifianakis. :-)

Erik Bates | March 31, 2014
Why does everybody forget about Hobo Joe?

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