Run Ronnie Run
A slacker named Ronnie (David Cross) is unwittingly given his 15 minutes of fame by a producer who discovers him when he's arrested on a reality cop show. After finding fortune, Ronnie embarks on an even greater quest: finding true love. Troy Miller directs this irreverent comedy based on a character from the HBO series "Mr. Show." Bob Odenkirk, Nikki Cox, David Koechner and Brian Posehn co-star.

Scott Hardie: “It was ok.”

I've been enjoying Mr. Show lately and had to check out the little-loved spinoff movie. It doesn't have the same surreal comic sensibility as the show at all (even though some of the jokes are lifted directly from old episodes), but it does have a few inspired bits here and there within its straightforward plot. No prior knowledge of the series is necessary. I was amazed at how well David Cross and Bob Odenkirk disappeared inside their characters: They get credit for being gifted comedians but not enough for being talented actors.

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