Continually tormented as a youngster, childlike May (Angela Bettis) is a lonely and misunderstood veterinary assistant who longs for a human connection, though her sole confidant is a doll named Suzy in this rueful psychological horror. May attempts to befriend her lesbian co-worker (Anna Faris) and a handsome film student (Jeremy Sisto), but her extreme oddities ultimately push them away -- and turn deadly.

Scott Hardie: “It ruled.”

It would give you some sense of this film's oddball sense of humor to learn that the craft services guy contributed a commentary track to the DVD. The best element of this smart variation on the slasher genre is the loving attention to detail, especially by Bettis, who creates limitless nuance with her voice and body language. She's helped by a good cast that's in on the joke and loving it. I must complain about the excessive symbolism and foreshadowing; the film seems determined to spoil its own good surprises.

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