Steve West: “It sucked.”

First, the 3-D animation was terrific. Second, everything else sucked. Poor story and plot development, non-sensical conflict, suspension of physical laws, incredible misunderstanding of basic human nature, cliché-driven character dreck - it's all in there.

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Steve West: I understand it's a cartoon. Suspension of physical laws is de rigueur in cartoons. I know. However, this cartoon was based on a scientific discovery on the Earth. France, the USA, and England all exist on this cartoon world. This was meant to represent the real Earth. I'm very much okay with fake scientific discoveries that lead to slapstick comedy √† la Flubber. This wasn't close to that sentiment. − September 19, 2009 • more by Steve

Jackie Mason: Ahh, I was just about to say that the only thing that doesn't bother me there was the suspention of physical laws but your explantation makes sense. I didn't think this movie looked like a good one just from any previews I saw. Thanks for the review! Now I can skip it. Was this one Disney? I'm looking forward to that old school Disney pricess and frog story they are coming out with that will bring us back to the Disney pricess stories of yore. − September 27, 2009 • more by Jackie

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