Chandni Chowk to China
Sidhu (Akshay Kumar) spends his days working at a roadside food stall in Delhi, India, but dreams of escaping his humble life. When he's mistaken for the reincarnation of an ancient Chinese warrior, he gets his wish in this entertaining Bollywood comedy. Whisked away to China, Sidhu enjoys the action-packed world full of martial arts assassins and mysterious women he's thrust into -- until he realizes he's expected to take down a brutal criminal.

Scott Hardie: “It was ok.”

This weird hybrid of Indian melodramatic musicals and Chinese martial-arts epics can't decide whether to take itself utterly seriously or to be cartoonishly silly. At nearly three hours, it has some good action and great shots, but way too much filler.

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Scott Hardie: To be clear, I know Indian movies are very long. I heard that this one was edited down for American audiences and still wound up this long. But there's a lot of lame material and wasted minutes in-between the good stuff here. − June 8, 2009 • more by Scott

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