Scott Hardie: “It was ok.”

I haven't seen the well-regarded Canadian indie film Starbuck that this is based on (or for that matter, the French remake Fonzy), but since the same man wrote and directed both films, you'd think that he would get better at it with the second try. Perhaps something was lost in translation? The dialogue is often funny if you think about it on paper, but the actors deliver it all wrong and the jokes don't sound like jokes. Every few scenes, the movie seems to realize that it's drifting away from the plot formula that it learned in Screenwriting 101, and throws in a tonally mismatched scene about angry mobsters collecting their debt or has the main character's girlfriend jump to ridiculously unfair conclusions about him just so that there can be tension. That said, Vince Vaughn is rarely this likeable and warm, and the story really is good enough to support three movies. It's a light dramedy about nice people being nice to each other, so I liked it ok, but it could have done a lot of things better.

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Scott Hardie: Holy crap! I watched the trailer for Starbuck, and it's the exact same movie. The subtitled dialogue is word-for-word the same as in the Vince Vaughn remake, and the photography looks identical too. They changed soccer to basketball but even left in the same scenes like shooting hoops/goals in the rain, photographed from the same angles. It's eerie. I was going to watch Starbuck but now I think I already have. − December 6, 2013 • more by Scott

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