Super Sucker
Rival door-to-door vacuum-cleaner distributors Fred Barlow (Jeff Daniels) and Winslow Schnaebelt (Harve Presnell) battle for territory and survival in a "winner takes all" contest. When perennial underdog Fred rediscovers a long-lost cleaning attachment, the contest turns as he and his team of misfits determine "nontraditional" uses for this attachment. The result not only changes their lives -- it changes the home cleaning industry forever.

Scott Hardie: “It sucked.”

Say whatever you want about this being a horrible film, and you’d be right, but at least it’s not lethargic. It flails and strives and pleads for laughs, fueled by a manic cartoon energy that isn’t afraid of absurd sight gags and contradictory music. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop at “over the top” and soars off into the stratosphere, leaving the audience to wonder if it will ever suddenly come down and crash. (Yes.) I suppose shrillness and buffoonery are still funny to some, not to mention misogyny, but outside of a few satirical zingers I thought this was disappointing garbage.

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