Filmed on Broadway in 2016 at the Richard Rodgers Theatre, this original-cast production of Lin-Manuel Miranda's groundbreaking musical depicts the life of American founding father Alexander Hamilton.

Scott Hardie: “It ruled.”

This musical lives up to its excellent reputation. I don't think I could sing its praises any better than the many, many critics and audiences who loved it. I was lucky to be familiar with most of the history dramatized here, because I suspect that it's a little harder to follow otherwise (and would be even harder without subtitles). The part of the story that I didn't know, the subplot about Hamilton's son, was quite affecting. I really, really liked this.

I'm aware that the film itself is just a document of the stage play, so I'm making a choice to review the play and not limit myself to the film, since they're impossible to separate.

− July 4, 2020 • more by Scottlog in or create an account to reply

Scott Hardie: Check out Lin-Manuel Miranda's episode of Drunk History in which he recaps the entire story while very drunk; it's a hoot. Here's a clip. − July 4, 2020 • more by Scott

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Erik Bates: “It ruled.”

We saw the show in 2016 in New York with this cast. I am thrilled that audiences around the world (or at least in countries with streaming rights to see it) now get to experience it. Much like listening to an album by a band, or watching a video of a live performance doesn't quite give you the "full" experience, this movie also doesn't give you the same experience as seeing it live. But don't be deceived -- this is an amazing production, and everyone should see it if they are able.

− July 6, 2020 • more by Eriklog in or create an account to reply

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