Explores the dangerous human impact of social networking, with tech experts sounding the alarm on their own creations.

Genre: Documentary, Drama

Director: Jeff Orlowski

Writer: Davis Coombe, Vickie Curtis, Jeff Orlowski

Actors: Tristan Harris, Jeff Seibert, Bailey Richardson, Joe Toscano

Release Year: 2020

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Evie Totty: “It ruled.”

Oh man. If my social life wasn't ENTIRELY on social media - I'd drop it in a split second after watching this.

'Do you let your kids on social media?'


Heard that again and again. Though I will say that it helped me ignore some of the candy they try to feed me.

A must watch for every parent, for sure.

− December 31, 2020 • more by Evielog in or create an account to reply

Scott Hardie: Yeah, I hope this movie does some good in the world. Social media is poison in our society. We all need to shake loose from its grip. − December 31, 2020 • more by Scott

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