I Am Legend
A terrible virus has spread across the planet and turned the human race into bloodthirsty monsters. Now, mankind's only hope for survival is scientist Robert Neville, the one person left unaffected by the epidemic.

Scott Hardie: “It ruled.”

On the footsteps of I, Robot, here comes another Will Smith sci-fi action movie that might not be as cerebral as its venerated source material, but is still a lot smarter and better-made than most of the brainless CGI-riddled junk that Hollywood churns out (much of it also starring Will Smith). Following a man into the depths of loneliness after three years of solitude, it has a undercurrent of bitter sadness, unusually grim and emotional for a movie founded upon explosions, stuntwork, and special effects. It also makes a great adventure, as the hero makes Manhattan his private playground and does things we never could. It's a shame that the filmmakers traded down in their efforts to distance themselves from the source material (really? the title comes from Bob Marley now?), because the film would have been better as a straight adaptation. But it's still a smarter, richer movie than it could have been.

− March 30, 2008 • more by Scottlog in or create an account to reply

Kelly Hardie: What happened to you? That movie SUCKED.

It's like seven writers were put to task, each with 15 minutes of movie to make. And they couldn't talk to each other.

It ruins the whole point of the title, and the point of the story. − April 1, 2008 • more by Kelly

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