Aaron Shurtleff: “It was ok.”

Let's be honest, here. If you are a fan of the series Aqua Teen Hunger Force (which appears in happy 15 minute bites on Adult Swim on Cartoon Network), in which case, you'll most likely know what to expect, and will find enjoyment in this movie. If you are not a fan, and do not understand the inside jokes and oblique references to what has come before, this movie will be a LONG boring movie, and you will be confused at the end. There is no way to explain this phenomenon, and I can only in good conscience make this recommendation. If you have cable, watch the 15 minute show on Adult Swim (they move the time and showing around, so you might have to look for it) a few times to see if you will enjoy this. If you don't have cable, find someone with cable. The series is hit or miss in its humor, and I would never tell anyone to spend money on this to see if they like it. If you like the series, go see the movie. It has a quasi-explanation of where the ATHF come from. Plus, it's got Bruce Campbell in a cameo role as one of the characters! See if you can find him!!

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Matthew Preston: Hand Banana, NO! − June 11, 2007 • more by Matthew

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