Samir Mehta: “It ruled.”

Charlie Kaufman's newest movie (streaming on Netflix) is a wonder. Grounded in a way as it is an adaptation of a literary mystery book, the story balances some of Kaufman's greatest strengths while also giving him great room to show new skills as a director. For a writer, he is getting incredibly good at getting complex performances from his leads - here, David Thewlis, Jesse Plemons, Jessie Buckley (a relative newcomer and wow), and Toni Colette all give complex, weird, wonderful performances.

I can't say much about it except that it is my favorite movie of the year.

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Evie Totty: Ahhhh! I'm so glad I came by here. I TOTALLY forgot about this movie for some reason. I ADORE Kaufman's work. Will watch this ASAP! − December 28, 2020 • more by Evie

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Matthew Preston: “It was ok.”

This review contains spoilers. Reveal it.

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Samir Mehta: If you didn't like it, I'm not sure finishing will help. That said, the ending is far more conclusive than most of Kaufman. There is a decent explanation to the story that at least largely addresses what happened. − December 29, 2020 • more by Samir

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