Layer Cake
A seasoned British drug dealer longs to ditch his illegal trade. But he can't do that without wrapping up just one more job involving the drug-addicted daughter of an influential criminal and a gargantuan stash of purloined ecstasy.

Scott Hardie: “It was ok.”

This headlong dive into a Maxim-like fantasy of London organized crime has impeccably good-looking people acting smart and, more importantly, acting cool, but gradually the actors find the humanity under their characters. Especially good are Daniel Craig as a man who has learned that swallowing his pride is essential to success in his business, and the ever-reliable Colm Meaney as his boss's hard-nosed messenger. The film isn't kind to its women, but it does pull off its macho-metrosexual blend fairly well, and earns several big laughs. It's a good choice for genre fans or anyone wondering whether Craig will make a good Agent 007 (on this evidence, yes).

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