Till Human Voices Wake Us
Dr. Sam Frank is haunted by his first love, an unforgettable romance that ended in loss and terror. Years later, he's become an expert in the psychology of repression but remains a loner. Then, a beautiful stranger on a train changes everything.

Scott Hardie: “It ruled.”

I read that the original Australian version split the stories of the teenagers and the adults into two halves of the same film instead of intercutting them, a wise decision. But this film is already riddled with curious flaws, like truly incorrect casting of the two leads and a muddled, contrary symbolism, and strangely, I think that's why I like it: Better to have a heartfelt failure than soulless perfection. The cinematic equivalent of a sigh, this gentle, patient film is to be enjoyed for its cinematography and setting, not its intrigue.

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