Meet the Spartans
It's a laugh-fest of epic proportions as the Spartans of 300 battle the Persian army à la Stomp the Yard in this no-holds-barred comedy that lampoons -- among others -- Meet the Parents, Pirates of the Caribbean, Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan. Carmen Electra, Kevin Sorbo, Greg Ellis, Diedrich Bader and Sean Maguire star in this quirky satire from the zany minds behind the Scary Movie franchise.

Lori Lancaster: “It sucked.”

Well... it sucked. It was nice to have Kevin Sorbo in it, and the latent homosexuality 'real fans of genius' song was cool, but that was about it. I'm glad that this was only a Library loaner and that I did not have to waste money on this. Almost all the jokes were crude and revolved around sex. Sure, sexual jokes can be funny, but I watch parodies because I at least want something witty from time to time in my humor, not just 'lets see how many ways we can fit britney and sex into this.' The pit of death was funny at the beginning, but after a while it just dragged on an became too repetitive. I suppose this would be a decent movie to invite a bunch of buddies over to see so that everyone could make fun of the lameness of it all.
Hmm,,, "Meet the Parents, Pirates of the Caribbean" I did not see any of this in there. I saw too many American Idol refs though.

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