Movie 43
An eye-popping cast stars in this sketch-comedy collage, the new millennium's homage to classic anthology films like The Kentucky Fried Movie. Stars from Kate Winslet to Justin Long to Richard Gere provide the laughs in more than a dozen segments.

Scott Hardie: “It sucked.”

I should have listened to virtually every critic and stayed far away from this, but I had some perverted need to see the wreckage like a rubbernecker on the highway. It's a disaster, deathly unfunny, and genuinely embarrassing for every A-list star roped into appearing in it. The movie is proud of its aggressive tastelessness, but it just comes across as lacking in imagination. There are no jokes here worth telling.

− November 10, 2013 • more by Scottlog in or create an account to reply

Samir Mehta: Weirdly, we also just watched this movie. Yes, it's terrible. I wanted to give it the benefit of the doubt but Heather and I determined we would have been angry to pay for this in the theater. − November 11, 2013 • more by Samir

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Samir Mehta: “It sucked.”

Wow, rancid. The only fun parts of the movie are trying to figure how the producers got the movie made in the first place.

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Scott Hardie: One of the main producers is Peter Farrelly. He has some kind of gift for convincing major stars to try raunchy, moronic material: Jeff Daniels in Dumb and Dumber, Cameron Diaz in There's Something About Mary, Matt Damon in Stuck on You, and more. I'm pretty sure he's going to have a harder time attracting them after abusing their good will with the terrible Movie 43. − November 11, 2013 • more by Scott

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