Pelican Dreams
This engaging documentary chronicles the journey of a California pelican named Gigi, who starts a new life at a seabird rescue facility after landing in the middle of the Golden Gate Bridge, causing a major traffic tie-up.

Scott Hardie: “It ruled.”

Before I saw this, I wondered if there were enough interesting things to say about pelicans to fill 80 minutes. It turns out that much of the film consists of silent, extended shots of the birds flying and frolicking and fishing, slowed down to evoke a dream-like quality. So much of the film is in slow motion that at one point, the captions say "feeding frenzy (regular speed)" to point out that the technique is not in use for a change. It's an entertaining film, especially when its two star pelicans goof off for the camera and demonstrate their personalities, but it's minor even for an indie nature documentary. Nobody would argue that it should be longer.

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