Scott Hardie: “It was ok.”

What distinguished the surprisingly enjoyable first Sherlock Holmes was a sense of fun and Robert Downey Jr.'s wit unhinged. This film has neither quality, feeling much like a slog from one CGI action showpiece to another, most boringly a foot-chase through the woods with slow-motion explosions that seems to last forever. I enjoyed the word play, the mystery elements coming together, and the nods to various Holmes stories, but that's mostly all.

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Erik Bates: That slow-motion crap in the woods was unbearable.

One or two explosions -- cool.

What felt like a 5-minute sequence of them -- annoying.

I was quite disappointed in this installment of the series. The first movie set a pretty high bar, and this just didn't reach it. − November 19, 2012 • more by Erik

Scott Hardie: The Matrix lobby shootout came out in 1999. It's time for movies to stop emulating it now. − November 19, 2012 • more by Scott

Evie Totty: Wow I must have really not liked it because I don't even remember the woods scene. It was a mostly forgettable film IMO. A better version of The Reichenbach Falls can be found here IMO − February 24, 2013 • more by Evie

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