Soul Kitchen
Young restaurant owner Zinos (Adam Bousdoukos) decides to revamp Soul Kitchen, his dumpy diner, but the customer response isn't what he was hoping for. To make matters worse, his girlfriend (Anna Bederke) flies off to Shanghai, and the tax collector comes knocking. But with the help of an inspired new chef (Birol Ãœnel), Zinos still has a chance at redemption. German director Fatih Akin delivers a riotous modern romantic comedy.

Scott Hardie: “It sucked.”

Maybe something was lost in translation, or maybe I'm just in a grumpy mood. I laughed very little at this German comedy. Its characters have two modes: Rude and stupid. Seeing them suffer feels karmically just, not amusing. At least it has a fantastic soundtrack of soul, funk, and dance music.

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