Scott Hardie: “It ruled.”

The sense of fun that this reboot brings is just what the series needed. It's vital again, though I'm not sure its abandoning of any deeper meaning is the plus everyone thinks. Hooray for a solid, thrilling adventure that dusts off an old favorite.

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Amy Austin: Damn... beaten to it -- it definitely ruled. − May 8, 2009 • more by Amy

Jackie Mason: I'll tell Will you liked it. He is hard core devoted to the original story line from "The Original Series and Next Generation, followed somewhat through Deep Space Nine" He is convinced this movie will annoy him i that regard. − May 22, 2009 • more by Jackie

Aaron Shurtleff: This film had both the best and worst use of Winona Ryder in a film. :) I went to see it wanting to be displeased, and darned if the movie did not displease me. Very enjoyable! I'm keen to see where it goes from here. − May 24, 2009 • more by Aaron

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