The Guru
Bollywood mania invades the screen in this wacky romantic comedy starring Marisa Tomei, Heather Graham and Jimi Mistry. When an Indian dancer (Mistry) decides he wants to become an actor, he heads for New York City and the lights of Broadway. Instead, he becomes a waiter. But when he's mistaken for a sex guru, he hits it big and must choose between fame and his burgeoning love for Sharonna (Graham), a porn star with a heart of gold.

Scott Hardie: “It sucked.”

The elements are here for a good farce, and there are even a few good lines; I laughed more than once (especially at Ajay Naidu). But it's a satire of pornography and televangelism pitched at the intellectual level of an ABC family sitcom, and it makes terrible running gags out of impotence and closeted homosexuality. The vacuum of talent named Heather Graham can't help much, but the real problem is the screenplay, which is ridiculously transparent at progressing the plot. At least it ends on the right satirical note.

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