Scott Hardie: “It was ok.”

X Files fans have never quite forgiven the series for its unresolved ending (though a few of us liked it that way), and following up six years later with a feature film that ignores the main storyline isn't a way to reward their patience. It doesn't help that the film is so dour and joyless, almost completely lacking adventure and a sense of humor, choosing instead a weighty morality play about how ethical it is to prolong a life by unnatural means, with its characters in a fog of gloom as they wade through the mystery. This feels like a season-seven misfire, accomplishing a lot with its stylish photography and moody atmosphere, but not terribly entertaining. It doesn't do much to please series fans, and the non-initiated will find it a gloomy and unusual thriller, so enjoy it for what it is and hope that the truer "ending" will someday come.

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Jackie Mason: I wonder what will come first, the ending to the X-Files saga or the Terminator saga? I wonder what will be more painful for diehard fans to have to see continued? − July 30, 2008 • more by Jackie

Scott Hardie: They both hurt. :-)

X Files fans have it worse since there seems to be little hope of there being another production. The film company making Terminator: Salvation with Christian Bale is already in preproduction on two additional films in the series, plus there's the TV show. − July 30, 2008 • more by Scott

Kelly Lee: I usually don't hate movies, but I hated this. I wanted to shout at the end of the credits "ALIENS! HALLLOOOO?"
I think what really ticked me about this is that I didn't have any spoilers coming into the movie about what it is about (thanks alot, Scott). And I expected, like what I expect people going to this movie who are aware of the whole overarching storyline of the X-Files to have at least, SOMETHING to do with the first movie. Bees? Aliens? Something to do with the whole, oh, I don't know, conspiracy that the whole show was based on?

Nope. This was just a episode (and not a very good one) set in the future of the rest of the show. It was joyless and dark and boring. i found the most interesting point in the whole thing being how different Scully looks. This should of been a straight to DVD, cause it just killed any possibility of another movie to resolve of the actual storyline of the show. − July 30, 2008 • more by Kelly

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