Vampire warrior Selene suspects that her mortal enemies, werewolves known as Lycans, are targeting a human named Michael. As she shadows Michael, she finds herself falling for him -- even after he's bitten by a Lycan.

Scott Hardie: “It sucked.”

This film commits the ultimate sin for an action movie: It’s boring! It waits half an hour to introduce its bland characters (the “incompetent henchman” is the most developed), and takes almost three times as long giving us exposition that finally explains the story, just in time for the action finish. There’s too much running around between the (four? five?) locations, and pointless posing before and after the action. It squanders the potential of its premise, vampires vs. werewolves, by having them shoot guns at each other, and can’t even do that in a fresh, new way. What a stinker.

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