Warm Bodies
After eating a young man's brains and absorbing the memories within, a freshly dead zombie falls in love with his victim's girlfriend. Saving her from the wrath of his cohorts, the zombie whisks the girl away to his lair and attempts to woo her.

Scott Hardie: “It was ok.”

I was really disappointed by this. A clever premise and huge potential for genre-spoofing comedy were wasted by a pretty stupid screenplay, which I hear was dumbed-down from the original novel. The film was logically inconsistent and full of plot holes (which I'll describe with spoilers in Movie of the Month), so distracting that I was thoroughly turned off by the film before it even reached the halfway point. It also suffered from a lack of imagination; in a world catastrophically transformed, little seems to concern these characters except the events of the plot. What barely kept the film out of "it sucked" range were a funny supporting performance by zombie Rob Corddry and a tough, feisty heroine who improves on the usual blank voids lacking personality who usually feature in supernatural YA films.

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Erik Bates: “It was ok.”

It's your classic tale of re-animated boy falls in love with daughter of anti-zombie militant warlord. Rob Corddry was, to me, the funniest part of the entire film. Gaping plot holes aside, it was a cute film. Good to watch if you can't find anything else at the Redbox.

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