In a World...
Vocal coach Carol Solomon lives in the shadow of her father Sam, Hollywood's go-to movie trailer voice, as she tries to break into the field herself. Aided by her sister and a sound whiz friend, Carol jumps into an unexpectedly strange new career.

Scott Hardie: “It ruled.”

I heard good things about this story of a woman breaking into the male-dominated voiceover business in Hollywood, and the recommendation was right on the money. It's very funny in its little character moments and observations, thanks to its cast of ringers, and it's surprisingly affecting in the dramatic subplots. I know Lake Bell only from her one season co-starring on Boston Legal, but judging from her talent in writing and directing this, she has a solid future ahead of her as a filmmaker. She has a real ear for natural-sounding dialogue and Los Angeles culture that's very funny. I hope that the brighter future for women in Hollywood predicted by this movie comes true, for Bell and many others.

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