The X-Men send Wolverine to the past in a desperate effort to change history and prevent an event that results in doom for both humans and mutants.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Director: Bryan Singer

Writer: Simon Kinberg (screenplay by), Jane Goldman (story by), Simon Kinberg (story by), Matthew Vaughn (story by)

Actors: Hugh Jackman, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence

Release Year: 2014

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Scott Hardie: “It ruled.”

This is pretty good, but must be confusing as hell if you haven't seen the previous X-Men titles, especially First Class. There's a sense of scale and urgent momentum here, and a healthy dose of humor that I appreciated. The cameos, some of them quite a surprise, were a pleasure too. This is a movie that loves and respects its characters as much as the audience does, which is an improvement over the fatal mistake of The Last Stand. It's not at all a place to start viewing the X-Men movies, but if you've put in the time seeing some of the others, you can appreciate that it's a high-water mark for the series; one of its best.

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Evie Totty: “It ruled.”

I agree, the Quicksilver scene was far and away the best part of the movie. And yes, there are still time continuity problems if we are supposed to include the first Trilogy in the movie canon - but I think they did a great job of erasing what Ratner did. (I did can't believe Fox agreed to kill off Xavier in Last Stand).

I still like Winter Soldier the best out of the superhero films so far (I don't really feel the need to see this again - maybe one more time (and I have a crush on Hugh Jackman too)

− June 2, 2014 • more by Evielog in or create an account to reply

Scott Hardie: This reply contains spoilers. Reveal it. − June 20, 2014 • more by Scott

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Erik Bates: “It ruled.”

This review contains spoilers. Reveal it.

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Scott Hardie: I was waiting for the Stan Lee cameo too. Kelly has a theory that Stan Lee has already filmed dozens of additional cameos as a wide variety of stock characters like his usual hot dog vendors, museum guards, and man-on-the-street on the TV news, so that he can keep appearing in Marvel movies long after he passes away.

And, like you, I wanted to see more of the future characters. They created a future dystopia and hired back the classic cast and then barely used either element. Who hires Patrick friggin' Stewart and only gives him one scene with any real dialogue? Apparently there was a whole subplot cut out that might be worth renting the DVD just to see. − June 20, 2014 • more by Scott

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