Amy Austin | July 12, 2005
Well, that'll teach me to (not) go ahead with my most frivolous guess. I was convinced that I had eliminated both Ozzy (TV) and Dio!, because no source image looked anything even remotely like him. So I put in my "nots" in the direction I figured everyone else was going. I was just sure that *everyone* would be guessing Al Green, too. Damn.

Scott Hardie | July 12, 2005
Well done, Aaron!

You were right last week, Amy (and you knew it at the time), when you said that this goo was intended for a tiebreaker at the end of the round. If you thought this was hard to get in seven days, try getting it in twenty-four hours. I should have saved it for the tiebreaker at the end of this round, but I underestimated how difficult the first two weeks were going to be, so I saw no harm in slipping in one intenntionally tough goo. I wouldn't do it over again.

Just so everybody knows, at the end of last round I stopped taking nonsensical guesses like "some person I don't know" or "not Al Green." They simply get deleted, so don't waste your time.

Amy Austin | July 12, 2005
Was it the guess for your Mom that did it, Scott??? ;-D

Scott Hardie | July 12, 2005
Actually, it was a series of nonsensical guesses from Mike Eberhart and Scott Horowitz at the end of last round. I don't object to their motives ā€“ Mike was protesting goos that he thought never should have been published, while Scott was goofing off in an attempt to get some pleasure out of goos that were otherwise useless to him ā€“ but it struck me as an abuse of the system, the same as when people register on the site with names like "you suck." I have to wonder, what's the point? If you don't want to give your name, don't sign up for the site. If you don't want to try to get the goo right, don't bother with it. Just because there's an open form on the page doesn't mean you're compelled to fill it in with nonsense.

Anyway, it doesn't exactly make me mad when people fill in junk entries, but it does give me something to track down in the system and delete, which is a waste of time. I thought I'd say so before more people started getting any bright ideas. :-)

Amy Austin | July 12, 2005
Oh, okay. Fair enough.

Aaron Fischer | July 12, 2005
Well, it just "so" happens that I've always been a huge fan of Sabbath, especially the Ozzy years. Iā€™m also a huge DIO fan. The only person who truly fit the clue was DIO, so I made my guess regardless of the source image, which was clearly imperceptible.

Amy Austin | July 12, 2005
Ah, yes... that is an advantage I did not have -- and I also tend to rely on the clue and image equally. E and I discussed the two possible directions of "black music", but I decided that the one direction *had* to be eliminated, because the upper right corner looked like stage lights reflecting on Afro-type hair, and the hand holding the mike also looked quite dark. Of course, this seems obviously the way Scott planned it -- which is why I can't *believe* his audacity in labelling it "medium"... except as a joke!

Congrats on your Imelda, punk Aaron! ;-D

Jerry Mathis | July 12, 2005
Man, I'm glad I guessed Ozzy on day 2 and forgot about it. That sucker was hard!

Amy Austin | July 13, 2005
Yeah, I wish I had done the same... especially because I strongly considered Dio.

Scott Hardie | July 13, 2005
I have a couple of Dio CDs myself, but what inspired the goo was remembering Henry Rollins's hilarious impression of Dio in his stand-up act. He made light of Dio's epic high-drama approach to singing by joking that every teenaged fan of Dio has at some point worn a blanket as a cape, stood astride the living-room sofa, and belted out one or two of the band's hit ballads before mom pulled into the driveway. :-)

Scott Hardie | July 13, 2005
Yes, labeling it "medium" was a joke... a sick joke. I value accuracy in a goo's categories because players depend on that when guessing. But since my "intended" difficulty has been all kinds of way-off-the-mark over the years, I don't consider it nearly so sacred. Still, even though it was engineered to throw off lots of players in fine Amerie tradition, I didn't expect a Golden Imelda would come of it. Seven years he's been playing like a master and Aaron still manages to amaze me. :-)

Amy Austin | July 13, 2005
So, what you're saying then, Scott... is that you expected *nobody* to get it... and that's why you called it a "medium"?!?!?! ;-D

Scott Hardie | July 13, 2005
What I'm saying is that I expected multiple people to get it right, not nobody. :-) Aaron's acquisition of another Golden Imelda impresses me as much for its statistical unlikeliness as for how much talent it demonstrates on Aaron's part.

Anyway, as Aaron said, the only person who fit the clue was Dio. The clue and photo certainly turned players' heads towards a different genre of music, but that doesn't mean they couldn't have followed it to the right answer. Several people did guess Ozzy Osbourne. :-)

Amy Austin | July 13, 2005
I know... I was still teasing you about calling it a "medium" (shame on you!) -- that's all. ;-)

Scott Hardie | July 13, 2005
I knew were kidding, and I was just providing additional information, that's all. :-P

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