Scott Hardie | March 11, 2003
This is an old story, but I like it anyway: Did you hear the one about the guy who tried to spend a $2 bill at Taco Bell?

Anna Gregoline | March 11, 2003
Funny. I'm glad the guy stood his ground!I considered trying to buy things at a fast food joint (Micky D's is closest to me) with some of those golden dollars...

Scott Hardie | March 11, 2003
McDonald's and Taco Bell will take the silver dollars, I can say from personal experience. Of course, I guess that guy's story illustrates that it depends on the competency of the manager anyway.

Aaron Fischer | March 12, 2003
Little known fact... the minimum bet at horse racing tracks used to be two dollars. The two dollar bill was a convenient way to wager up!

Matthew Preston | March 12, 2003
That is a bit bizzare... A friend of mine told me something similar to this happened to him at Taco Bell. He bought one burrito (or something that was under $2) and only had a $100 bill and a $2 bill. They didn't have the change for the $100 so he tried to pay with the $2 bill. The cashier told him that she couldn't accept it as it was fake. He argued with her, she got her manager, and the manger took the $2 bill and apoligized. I wonder if this is one of those urban myths that got blown out of proportion.

Angela Lathem-Ballard | March 14, 2003
I've had someone deny a canadian penny once. Does that count? "I'm sorry mam, we don't take *that kind* of money"All of those incredulous Canadian currency out there...poor things...

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