Scott Hardie | July 23, 2018
Do extraterrestrials exist?

Steve West | July 23, 2018
It's difficult to conceive of no other life forms in a universe consisting of 100 billion galaxies. It's equally inconceivable to me how interstellar travel is possible. With the innumerable options available it seems a tad unlikely for aliens to be attracted to a planet extremely polluted by its inhabitants for global domination at extreme warfare cost. It makes for great movies, though (discounting Battlefield Earth, of course).

Samir Mehta | July 24, 2018
[hidden by author request]

Scott Hardie | August 25, 2018
Agreed completely, except that we might "meet" them in the form of microbes or tardigrades or other life that we might not even recognize as life because it's beyond our normal perception. We might have already "met" life in that form, with everything that drifts into our solar system.

I came upon an article asking astronomers what they thought and I thought it was a neat idea.

Erik Bates | August 25, 2018
There are billions of stars like ours. There are likely billions of planets like ours, and likely millions or billions of planets with intelligent life at stages ranging from far ahead to far behind our own. I would like to think that a few of them have developed inter-stellar travel, and for some reason just haven't found their way to our corner of the galaxy yet... or they have, and like Steve mentioned, saw us and basically said, "Nahh... That's a hard pass."

Who knows, maybe there really is a vast network of intelligent life out there, and maybe Gene Roddenberry was on the right track with the Prime Directive - they're just letting us grow at our own pace until we're at a point that we can handle that first contact.

Scott Hardie | August 26, 2018
I'd like to think there's a network of intelligent life out there. As the famous poster says, "I want to believe."

Scott Hardie | August 28, 2018
Maybe interstellar transit isn't impossible after all. I have no idea how feasible that technology is, but it's an interesting idea.

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