Scott Hardie | February 5, 2019
This isn't really about CBS All Access specifically, since it could be about any streaming service. But that's the one that keeps coming up, so I'm curious.

I keep hearing from people, in person and online, who want to watch shows on CBS All Access. Maybe they're Star Trek fans excited about the imminent renaissance of Trek on television. Maybe they saw Jordan Peele's Twilight Zone promo during the Super Bowl and want to check out his series. But whatever the case, the complaint is always the same: "I refuse to sign up for yet another streaming service, so forget it!"

What is so wrong with having another streaming service? I can see not wanting to pay $6/month if money was tight, but the people saying this can definitely afford it. I can see feeling overwhelmed with too many shows to keep up with, since my own queue is becoming quite a backlog, but that's not what people are saying. They're specifically saying that they refuse to participate in more streaming services than the current low number that they already have, as if the world owes them a small number of services and it's some kind of injustice that they should have to sign up yet another one. I just don't get it.

But I'm biased, because I'm currently watching several shows on CBS All Access and eagerly awaiting more that have been announced. I don't know how Discovery is pulling off movie-grade action sequences [spoilers] when subscribers are only paying $6 each, but I hope they keep on doing it.

Erik Bates | February 5, 2019
I've recently hopped onto the KonMari bandwagon, and have thought about using it to tidy up more than just my house.

I recently went through my list of 30+ podcasts that I would listen to and asked myself, "Does listening to this podcast spark joy?"

I'm down to 18 podcasts, and will likely pare it down even more.

All that to say, I'm thinking about doing the same thing with the list of television shows that I watch (I'm getting to my point here, I promise).

Between Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and a few other shows that I get through other means, I feel like I'm just watching a show because "it's a show that I watch" instead of because "it's a show I enjoy." I've cut out a few shows already, and need to do more.

So when I see that there is yet another streaming service out there trying to get me to subscribe so I can "watch" instead of "enjoy" yet another television show, I don't know if it's worth even my additional $6. Not because I can't afford it, but because I don't know if I need to afford it.

My list of shows that I watch.

Steve West | February 5, 2019
Star Trek TOS and Twilght Zone - I'm in! Those happen to be two series I've gotten Lauren hooked on.

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