Steve West | November 8, 2007
But isn't that a fine picture of Presley (seems familiar)? I even like Brooks (sorta) but this is kinda depressing. (link)

Amy Austin | November 8, 2007
"Kinda"? Do these things take into account population/inflation???

Tony Peters | November 8, 2007
I was wondering if it takes into account the number of Brooks CD's that have died in tthe cab of a pickup truck in Texas....and had to be replaced...could be compareable to 8tracks I guess

Russ Wilhelm | November 9, 2007
It's not all that hard to believe, when you think about it. Country music has as many fans as Rock does, and rock is further divided into individual clicks. Add to that the fact that Country is more closely related to Classic Rock then Modern Rock is, you now have that many more, as Justin would put it, people with years and years of wisdom behind them, prefering Modern Country over Modern Rock. This is seen in the number of the rock legends tribute albums done by Country artist in the past decade or so. The bigger question is, will Garth be able to sell the capacity that Elvis does, thirty years after he's passed on? I don't see it happening

Amy Austin | November 9, 2007
Not so much that I thought it was hard to believe -- just truly curious about how they figure such things. Ditto on the last sentiment.

Scott Hardie | November 24, 2007
Does Chris Gaines count in the totals? More importantly, can we disqualify Brooks outright for pulling that stunt?

Russ Wilhelm | November 24, 2007
And just look at the Box Sets, exclusively at Wal-mart. A new one every year. I haven't checked, but something tells me that all that really changed was the color. Apparently there are folks out there that have to have it because it's new. Music, no, color. Don't get me wrong, some of Garths earler stuff is really good. But nothing that needs repackaged and sold every year with the later crap he put out.

Steve Dunn | November 28, 2007
That one Garth Brooks record from the early 1990s is really good.

Scott Hardie | November 29, 2007
You didn't happen to buy 123 million copies of it, did you?

Amy Austin | November 29, 2007

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