Jackie Mason | January 19, 2004
[hidden by request]

Scott Hardie | January 19, 2004
I doubt it. He was criticized by GLAAD when he mocked homosexuals on his show.

Steve Dunn | January 19, 2004
It wouldn't surprise me if Arsenio were gay, but for those of you wondering if I am gay because my name in the Goo Game "correct guesses" column is "Stacie Dunn," the answer is no. Although I am in touch with my feminine side, I do not have a female alter-ego.

I assume "Stacie Dunn" is the result of an odd and unfortunate computer glitch, soon to be remedied by the power-wielding administrator of this site.

Whaddya say?

Scott Hardie | January 19, 2004
Oops! Sorry, Steve. We used to have a Stacie Dunn (sdunn), who was one of the many people who have gone to the trouble of creating an account and then never done anything with it. When you signed up (sdun2), I could tell you were going to be active, so I deleted Stacie's empty account and redesignated you as "sdunn" (which is why I asked you to logout and login again that first day). Except that I forgot to delete Stacie from the database table where the goo guesses are stored, so your correct guess was credited to her. I'm fixing it now...

Anthony Lewis | January 20, 2004
Arsenio Hall's show was dropped because he conducted a "fluff" interview with Nation Of Islam leader Minister Louis Farrakhan. Most of the powerful people involved with his show probably wanted Arsenio to challenge him with tough questions about statements he allegedly made about Judaism. I say "allegedly" because Minister Farrakhan says he didn't make these statements. That someone from the NY Times says that he made these statements. Minister Farrakhan has repeatedly challenged the NY Times to produce proof.

Anyway, the interview was the equivalent of Barry Bonds playing slo-pitch softball. The powers that be were very upset, and soon...Arsenio's show was off the air.

Anna Gregoline | January 20, 2004
(Nothing to do with anything) My sister used to live down the street from Louis Farrakhan. (/Nothing to do with anything)

Kris Weberg | January 20, 2004
(still irrelevant) Yeah, I used to live about 5-6 blocks from his gated mansion as well. On a clear day, you could see the bodyguards at the windows. (/irrelevant)

Jackie Mason | January 21, 2004
[hidden by request]

Anthony Lewis | January 21, 2004
Well, you know how Eddie Murphy, Mike Tyson and Arsenio Hall used to hang out together. I've heard from a few people, on more than a few occasions that they have "very healthy sexual appetites".

Take with that what you will. **wink wink**

Scott Hardie | January 21, 2004
Mike Tyson has demonstrated a healthy appetite for plenty of things.

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