Scott Hardie | March 9, 2020
Prediction: If Joe Biden becomes the Democratic Party's nominee for president, then whoever he selects as his running mate will take over the campaign and news coverage, in much the same way that Sarah Palin did in 2008. Biden's just not energetic or exciting any more, and he'll almost have to choose someone who is.

What do you think of Biden, and specifically of his chances of winning?

Chris Lemler | March 9, 2020
I think Biden winning the Democratic party will be close but Biden will win the Democratic party. If he chooses a running mate in my eyes he should choose Michelle Obama. I think being his running mate would be good.

Steve West | March 9, 2020
Joe Biden will win the nomination and choose Kamala Harris as his running mate. An east coast (DE) meets west coast (CA) thing might have voter appeal.

Samir Mehta | March 10, 2020
[hidden by request]

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